Dating dominion glass bottle

Following 1913, the company became dominion glass company the diamond logo was used until 1917, when dominion glass co began using a the d-in-a- diamond logo as far as dating the bottle goes, the numbers 23 and 68 most likely represent the mould number and year of manufacture. Material culture notes: dating colorless glass bottles douglas c wilson portland state university, [email protected] bob cromwell let us know how access to. The incorporation which resulted in the new name, dominion glass company ltd , in 1913 included all plants which were directed by the diamond flint glass company in addition to insulators, the dominion glass company manufactured large quantities of bottles, tumblers, lamp chimneys and other. Most maryland bottles, if they carry a mark, have the “circled m” on the base ( please see next entry) also, a similar mark is seen on the base of certain mouth- blown amber, aqua and clear beer bottles (and an amber salve jar) that appear to date c 1880-1905, and the glassmaker in those cases predates maryland glass.

Counts for artefact by shape are shown in table 11 table 11 counts of glass artefacts by shape shape gen function count bottles bottle/flask alcohol 119 date range location country australian glass manufacturers 1912-1922 melbourne, vic australia dominion glass co canada wood bros glass co. Vintage dated 1936 7 glass dominion crown mason jar the gem blue mason glass quart canning jar dominion canada lid screw top. Dominion phased out most of their earlier depression era glass tableware c1940's to 1950's to concentrate on hotel/restaurant wares, bottles and jars selling to the middleman distribution businesses, dominion issued catalogue flyers of their designs regularly, featuring sturdy restaurant items, colourfully. (1913-to date) the “d within a diamond” mark was reportedly first used by dominion in 1928 and was used until circa 1976 (if anyone knows when this trademark was completely phased out on their glass items, please contact me) dominion was the largest glass container manufacturer in canada, produced huge.

Resting point/surface 86 base 116 container dimensions 125 part iii glass tableware 127 category 127 manufacture: tableware 129 base 129 finish 130 commercial marks been occupied for 5 years then dating the site using the artifacts still made of soda-lime glass (dominion glass company limited, ca. In conjunction with the re-construction of the provencher bridge, a pedestrian bridge is being built on the south side of the vehicle bridge (figure 1) the eastern abutment of the pedestrian bridge joins the east abutment of the vehicle bridge, while the west abutment is located on the west bank of the red river, separated. Date 04/01/2006 11:30:13 am you once told questions i get i don't have any idea about antique bottles, but i have an old looking white house vinegar bottle it is clear glass with a floral on the bottom it has a sideways diamond with a d in the middle standing for the dominion glass company i have read in a book. By 1932, the dominion glass company phased out production of most of its earlier tablewares, concentrating on hotel wares and on several simple, geometric patterns in the new pastel shades as in the 19th century, bottles and jars were a staple and, after 1932, became the major production line of both.

Antique crown canning jar 1930's mason jar by easyvintagehome, $1500. Combination with trademarks and date codes, can tell how old the bottle was and what company produced it although miller and jorgensen provided a thorough understanding of the marks from dominion glass co, we have little evidence for the meanings of mold codes from most companies in some cases these codes. Other logos like gem ideal, mason and schram were also used by glass houses in the usa” here is a link to the article, for those interested it included lots of specific information about dating jars the dominion glass company of montreal there were other glass jar producers in canada excelsior glass.

Dating dominion glass bottle

I think it might be dominion glass with the d in the triangle, but not sure, and can anyone tell the age of this at alli sure do not remember these (imho) so people want to know/look/be informed as to what they buy, or collectas i wanted to know the date/year of this javex glass bottle that is why glass. Dates (inclusive): the collection of glass bottle blowers association official records documents the union's consumers glass company (see also dominion glass company) - general correspondence, 1940-1945 , microforms.

A- arkansas glass container corp jonesboro, ar a b g m co- adolphus busch glass manufacturing co d- (in center of a diamond) dominion glass co. Dominion toulouse (1969:94-95) discussed three jars that used the word “ dominion” in some format the first jar was embossed “dominion” in an arch on the side he noted that it was “hand-made, round, ground lip, in flint” he attributed the jar to dominion glass, of course, and dated it ca 1886-1898. I think that's what caught my eye also the acl is not the same as tim's if you look close[:-]the bottle has a dominion glass mark dated 1947. Product liability, eg should a bottle burst, the mould number, in combina- tion with trademarks and date codes, can tell how old the bottle was and what company produced it mould numbers are usually assigned sequentially and have some chronological significance however there is evidence in the dominion glass.

The illinois glass co incorporated in alton, illinois, in march, 1873 by at least 1908, the company had installed semi-automatic bottle machines, used to make wide-mouth bottles and jars toulouse (1971:264) noted, “by 1909 there were 11 furnaces at that date the whole plant had to be rebuilt to accommodate the owens. United glass and ceramic workers of north america (canada) finding aid - the william ready division of archives and research collections f3 anti ugcw leaflets by glass bottle blowers association, 1954-55 local 201, dominion glass, redcliff, alberta, 1951-1972 (this local was originally local 881) f1 1951. The old dominion glass factory operated from 1901-1925 in alexandria, virginia the company specialized in beer, medicine, and soda bottles, as well as novelty items both black and white workers were employed in the factory, but there is little information on whether they worked side-by-side in 1911, lewis hine. Beginnings -- early glass factories in canada chapter), as diamond glass until it became part of the dominion the earliest jars, frut jars jei lyjarscandy jars igles de les cart), milk bottles, eie ek all our turmblers can be furnished light or heavy, and can be cut date no clear evidence exists of this.

Dating dominion glass bottle
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